About Us

Asemahle “Theo” Jack started Amazi Wethu (which means “Our Waters” in his mother tongue) because he is passionate about giving back, or as some people say – paying it forward. He is working alongside Marine Inspirations and other volunteers with the aim to better the lives of young kids, both male and female, who show an interest in a maritime career.

The main objective is to reach out to those that are less fortunate and to lend a helping hand, not only financially but also with mentoring.  Our first success was when we ran a Go Fund Me campaign and managed to raise enough money for a young man to finish his final Matric year at lawhill Maritime Centre in Cape Town. Sifundo Sithole, is the lucky guy, who is originally from  Kwa Mashu Township in Durban and who had already completed two years at LMC but had no sponsor for his final year. He is also a keen sailor.

We strongly believe that education is key to ensuring and maintaining a sustainable and promising future for South Africa, and as a man who also had little opportunity Theo has made it his mission to create effective avenues that support those who are struggling to take that first step towards prosperity and fulfilment.

Our next objective in these endeavor's is to produce a documentary that will showcase the positive influence and the educational value of what can be achieved. Amongst other things it will highlight some of the experiences and results that Marine Inspirations have afforded to many grateful youngsters who have had their lives changed for the better as a result. When you change the life of one person the knock on effect to that person’s family and his community is mind blowing. We are confident that this documentary will be successful in delivering a message of encouragement to potential sponsors and to show how a little help can go a very long way. We also want it to show that with a little determination and passion you can achieve what you desire in life.

"Giving perspectives in the yachting industry to less-advantages children  in South Africa is our mission."