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Amanzi Wethu Launch!!

Let's set sail for a brighter future together—join us in making it possible to raise more sails. Education is paramount, and we're committed to supporting and empowering the youth to access quality education. Together, let's chart a course for a world where every child can thrive through knowledge and opportunity.

Join us on April 20, 2024, for an exclusive launch party at Nio House, where we celebrate the fusion of history and innovation. Sailing, one of the earliest modes of transportation, paved the way for progress, and now we proudly collaborate with Nio House, the home of electric cars.

Experience the future with us as we offer selected guests the opportunity for test drives on the event day. If you're eager for an individual test drive, let's discuss your preferences. Amanzi Wethu's mission is to raise funds for children's bursaries in marine studies, fostering a brighter future.

Indulge in an evening of drinks and delectable finger foods—all we ask is a donation in return. RSVP via email or our social media platforms, and let's make this celebration a memorable one!

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