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Join Marine Inspirations and Amanzi wethu in Transforming Lives at Sea.

Have you enjoyed a rewarding career at sea? Consider paying it forward by supporting aspiring seafarers from underprivileged backgrounds, granting them the same opportunities that have enriched our lives.

Established in collaboration with Marine Inspirations, Amanzi wethu aims to empower young individuals pursuing careers at sea. Already making a significant impact, Marine Inspirations have facilitated transformative experiences for over 40 young talents during immersive two-week visits to Palma before the onset of the pandemic.

Our Vision

We are excited to share that Marine inspirations will be inviting four maritime students from the Lawhill Maritime Centre in Cape Town to Mallorca (Spain). This exposure to the superyacht industry will be a pivotal learning experience for them. Their journey begins on September 25th and concludes on October 6th when they return to South Africa. This marks not only their first time on an airplane but also their first visit to an airport.

Sponsorship Opportunity

To make this educational endeavor possible, we are seeking the support of generous individuals who can contribute towards specific expenses. In recognition of your kindness, sponsors will be acknowledged across multiple platforms, including our website (, social media channels, and the esteemed SuperYachtCaptains website. Your contribution can remain anonymous if preferred. We're grateful for the positive response received from the yachting community.

The Path to Sponsorship

Our approach involves compiling a list of expenses that require sponsorship. Each sponsor's name will be associated with the item they support, and the complete list will be published on the website, our social media outlets, and the Super Yacht Captains website.

Sponsorship Options

Sponsorship options encompass a range of contributions, from a modest 100 Euros for a group lunch outing to more substantial contributions, such as covering the cost of a round-trip airfare (approximately 1,000 Euros or utilizing air miles). This association provides sponsors with an avenue to showcase their compassion for the less fortunate and their commitment to nurturing young maritime talent. Furthermore, it presents an exceptional corporate marketing opportunity.

Expenses Open for Sponsorship

  • Air Tickets (Four students): Each ticket +/- €1,000 – Arrange through your preferred travel agent or leverage your airmiles.

  • Boat Charter (40 feet, 10 days): Seeking donated boats or reasonably-priced charters — your suggestions are valued!

  • Chartered Boat Dockage Fees (10 days): Exploring possibilities for discounted rates.

  • Transport Costs/Fuel in Palma: €100

  • Onboard Yacht Provisions (Breakfast, Coffee, Snacks, Fruit, etc.): €200

  • Onboard Dinners (Takeaways or similar) (6 x €50): €300

  • Lunch Outings (6 occasions, each €100): (Marine Inspirations will cover any additional costs as necessary)

  • Travel Insurance: €85 euros per person.

  • Pocket Money (€50 each): €200 (Can be individually sponsored) These contributions will remain private and won't be promoted on websites or social media.

For Further Details

Reach out to Phil Wade at

Thank you for your dedication in advancing maritime education. To learn more, read our latest article featured on page 17 of the July issue of The Islander Magazine:

Your support can be the wind in their sails, propelling these young talents towards a brighter future at sea.

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