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Amanzi Wethu e. V.

[This means ''our waters'' in Theo's mother language isiXhosa ]

We are here to encourage young talents and help them into the marine industry.


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Who We Are

Asemahle "Theo" Jack

My name is Asemahle "Theo" Jack, I am a South African yachtsman and I am where I am today because others helped me into a career at sea when I would never have thought it is possible.  I have always had a great passion for the sea and now I am achieving my dreams but really want to help other, less privileged youngsters with their dreams and aspirations. Together with a group of passionate friends we founded Amanzi Wethu e.V., a charity organisation based in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. This is my way of saying thank you to those who selflessly helped me.  I can’t begin to express my gratitude for the assistance I received which enabled me to get to be where I am today,  but I believe It is now my turn to help others following behind me. We like to call it “sending the lift back down to the ground floor". Funds raised here will go towards scholars that are in need of bursaries at Lawhill Maritime Center.

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We have established Amanzi Wethu e. V. to focus on raising money for the disadvantaged young teenagers, male and female, in South Africa who are struggling to escape poverty in the townships and pursue a maritime career.

Therefore the collected funds will be passed on as bursaries to students of Law Hill Maritime School in Simons Town close to Cape Town, South Africa. Also, Amanzi Wethu e. V. is working closely together with Marine Inspiration and other volunteers to do good and give back to the community

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How Does It Work?

Amanzi Wethu e. V. is working alongside Marine Inspirations and  GB Bursary Fund | Cape Town to bring a bright and prosperous future to disadvantaged kids from the townships (slums) of southern Africa.

"I was once in a position where I needed help until I was saved by Marine Inspirations , who helped me a lot with my career at sea. We all like to say that this is like sending the elevator back down to help bring up those that are at the bottom floor and in desperate need of upliftment..

However, we need  helping hands in order to make this happen. This platform will be where we can all assist and thus ensure these young kids get a chance at achieving a happy and prosperous future." Theo Jack

​Amanzi Wethu e. V. may be small but no one is paid and we have no overheads, so even a small donation goes entirely to help achieve our goals. If the donation is larger we would be more than happy to discuss giving you, or your company, publicity or promotion. 


"If you think you are too small to make a difference then you have never tried to sleep in a room with a mosquito!"

-Phil Wade

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